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Stud Finder

  • Hangs on the wall handsfree when a stud is located
  • No batteries required
  • Works with wood or metal studs
  • Will not leave marks on your walls
  • Guaranteed to work with all drywall construction

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Why The StudBuddy® ?

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How to use The StudBuddy®

Why The StudBuddy®

The StudBuddy® is great for hanging shelves, cabinets, paintings, mirrors, hooks, towel bars, televisions and anything else that requires secure mounting to a stud. Studs are the wood or metal framing members hidden behind the drywall, and are 16” or 24” apart. Secure mounting to a stud ensures that whatever you’ve attached to the wall will stay there – no accidents!

Use The StudBuddy® Everywhere

The StudBuddy® can be used in your home, office, garage, laundry room, workshop or anywhere else that you need to securely fasten something to the wall. Need to mount a bicycle rack in your garage? Use The StudBuddy®. Need to mount cabinets in your office? Use The StudBuddy®. Need to mount hooks in your laundry room? Use The StudBuddy®. Need to hang a mirror in the bathroom? Use The StudBuddy®. So many uses everywhere!

Televisions and Monitors

The StudBuddy® is the perfect tool to help you hang a television or monitor. No more guessing about where to hang the mount for your television or monitor. The StudBuddy® will quickly and easily locate the studs for you. Once you’ve located the studs, simply align the holes in the mounting bracket under The StudBuddy®, fasten with screws, and hang the TV – it’s that simple!

Get The StudBuddy®

The StudBuddy® Story

Having spent the last 40 years as a framer, carpenter, builder, designer and general contractor, I felt there must be a simpler and more accurate way of locating framing studs behind drywall. I was frustrated with using electronic stud finders, the “tapping” method or drilling multiple holes to locate studs.

Several years ago, while playing with strong neodymium magnets, I suddenly saw the ease of locating nails and screws behind drywall, and therefore, stud location. I set out to patent and design a simple device that would locate studs and hang on the wall for visual reference. From this, The StudBuddy® was created.
-Collin Bernsen, The StudBuddy LLC

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