The StudBuddy Plus®

The StudBuddy Plus® is the world’s simplest stud finder.

  • Made in the USA
  • Works with all drywall applications. Not intended for use on lath & plaster walls
  • Finds wood and metal studs behind drywall by locating nails and screws in the studs
  • No batteries required. Hangs on the wall hands free when studs are located
  • Hang shelves, cabinets, paintings, mirrors, hooks televisions and more.
  • The StudBuddy LLC supports Hire Heroes USA and National Breast Cancer Coalition


The StudBuddy Plus® stud finder hangs on the wall hands free for visual reference when hanging shelves, cabinets, paintings, mirrors, hooks, televisions and other heavy objects.The simple to use stud finder works with all drywall applications by locating nails and screws in wood and metal studs. No batteries, no electronic or moving parts.

Having spent the last 40 years as a framer, carpenter, builder, designer and general contractor, The StudBuddy Plus® creator felt there must be a simpler and more accurate way of locating framing studs. Many people get frustrated with using electronic stud finders, the tapping method, or drilling multiple holes to locate studs which can be costly to repair and repaint.

Several years ago, while playing with strong neodymium magnets,The StudBuddy Plus® inventor suddenly saw the ease of locating drywall nails and screws, and therefore, stud location.


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