The StudBuddy Plus®

The StudBuddy Plus® improves on our famous original StudBuddy® with these great features:

  • Built-in plumb and horizontal level
  • Soft grip handle that fits great in your hand
  • Felt pads for a smooth glide across your walls
  • Inch and centimeter rulers

Standard Features & Use:

  • Drywall is hung to wood or metal studs using screws or nails. The StudBuddy utilizes super-strong neodymium magnets to detect those screw/nail heads as you run the stud finder across your wall. When a screw or nail head is detected, The StudBuddy “sticks” to the wall, pointing you to the exact location of these studs.
  • There are no batteries or moving parts to worry about. The StudBuddy is always ready to work!
  • Perfect for hanging cabinets, paintings, televisions, mirrors and anything else that requires sturdy mounting to wood/metal studs.
  • The StudBuddy is proudly manufactured in the USA.
  • Our company supports Hire Heroes USA and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.


You asked and we listened! The StudBuddy Plus® includes all of the basic features of The StudBuddy while including some of the most requested features from our customers, including: Built-in plumb and horizontal bubble levels; a soft-grip handle; felt pads for an even smoother glide across your walls and inch/centimeter rulers. Just like our original StudBuddy, each product is manufactured in the USA and our company proudly supports Hire Heros USA and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

The StudBuddy continues to be the world's simplest stud finder. Utilizing super-strong magnets, The StudBuddy sticks to the screw or nail heads used in hanging your drywall to wall studs. No batteries are needed, and we guarantee our product on all drywall applications. Simply drag the stud finder across your wall and watch in amazement as it points you to each stud. The StudBuddy is perfect for hanging shelves, cabinets, televisions and more!

9 reviews for The StudBuddy Plus®

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Just moved and had to hang a few televisions. We purchased The StudBuddy Plus after seeing an ad on Facebook and couldn’t be happier. Sure made life simple!

  2. Samantha Marei

    This works so well – it’s so easy and handy. I had been dreading hanging up a heavy wall piece until this came in. The fact that it sticks (and has a level) makes it so user-friendly.
    Pro-tip (maybe everyone already knows this but I just figured it out): use painters tape to “measure” the distance between the holes on the back of whatever is going up. Then use that as a guide on the wall.

  3. Whistlers brother

    I’m a cabinet maker by trade and it’s always a challenge to find studs to attach the cabinets.
    I’ve tried many stud-finders and this is really the best. The ultra strong magnet finds the drywall screws and you can just leave it hanging there as it holds magnetically to the screw. I’ve been using the first iteration (Studbuddy) for a couple of years now.
    This model adds the levels which I tested to be accurate using my 6′ Stabila level and Bosch laser level.
    StudBuddy plus Rocks!

  4. David

    The original Stud Buddy has almost completely replaced all my electronic ones (the super strong magnet allows the tool to hang unaided on the wall, freeing up your hands). The newer version now includes levels, which are handy, and clings to the stud almost as securely as the original. My only suggestion would be to have a vertical line in the middle of the tool and a hole or notch at each end to mark the stud with a pencil (I added these myself). I’ve given away several to friends and they’re equally enthusiastic.

  5. Estrella Amaro

    I have bought three different digital stud finders in the past and none have ever worked well. At any moment, it seems like they have a 50% accuracy, and I end up with weakly-supported screws in drywall, or crushing an anchor against a stud. It is annoying and sometimes disconcerting.
    Then, I bought this one, because I wanted to try something a little different. I am a huge fan of high-tech, but occasionally, I find low-tech works where high-tech does not, so I figured, what the heck. I bought this, ran it over the wall and it found a stud right away. Tested below and above in the same area and it snapped to the nails every time. I am frequently attaching things to walls, and this thing has–forgive the pun–nailed it. It’s greatly simplified my job by taking all the guesswork out of it. I mean, heck, even my 6-year-old daughter uses this thing, and she loves getting to help by locating the studs for me! I will be buying more of these soon!

  6. JuJu Beeb

    If you are looking for a stud finder to use for your at home DIY projects, this is the one. Don’t bother looking elsewhere. I don’t have any idea if it’s the right one for a professional contractor but I do lot’s of DIY and this tool ROCKS! I bought it to hang a heavy mirror in the bathroom. I asked my big brother to come over to help. Guess who’s tool box my StudBuddy ended up in when we were finished….LOL! No worries, I’ll buy another!

  7. Qi Amore

    We’re hanging a ceiling lamp in our living room and a punching bag in the bedroom of our new apartment. We bought a traditional stud finder to hang the TVs, but it seemed like when we tried to double check for accuracy the stud magically disappeared or moved an inch. This was very frustrating and didn’t make me feel safe.

    I searched Amazon and found THIS amazing tool. What an excellent purchase and the shipping was FAST! Right away we found the studs to hang the punching bag and the stud in the ceiling for the lamp. My husband grabbed the other stud finder and followed me along the walls to see the difference. Where the StudBuddy Plus stuck to the wall the other stud finder turned green an inch or so away. The Studbuddy Plus is MUCH more accurate especially if you only kinda know what you’re doing, or if you’re nervous about hanging something heavy yourself. THE built-in vertical and horizontal levels are a SUPER bonus.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone regardless of skill level. It just makes the job easier and you can be sure you’ve found the center of the stud and not just the edge.

    You should get one. You will NOT be disappointed!

  8. JW

    Easiest stud finder I’ve ever used. Locates the nail Head in the stud and with it’s strong magnets adheres to the wall in place. The built in level bubbles are a bonus. This is much easier than the electronic versions.

  9. Christi H

    I didn’t really understand how it would stick to the wall when I purchased this but I trusted it anyway. It works well and the leveler makes things easier. The only things I dislike about it, is that it doesn’t stick well when it is horizontal and the only indicator of there being a stud is the magnet sticking. I would’ve like if it had a light or something else to indicate the stud. Great product for a great price though, I do love that it has a leveler and the magnetic aspect makes it much easier to do other things while still knowing where the stud is located.

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