The StudBuddy®

The StudBuddy® is the world’s simplest stud finder. Check out the features below:

  • Drywall is hung to wood or metal studs using screws or nails. The StudBuddy utilizes super-strong neodymium magnets to detect those screw/nail heads as you run the stud finder across your wall. When a screw or nail head is detected, The StudBuddy “sticks” to the wall, pointing you to the exact location of these studs.
  • There are no batteries or moving parts to worry about. The StudBuddy is always ready to work!
  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and constructed of plastic that won’t mar or scratch your walls.
  • Perfect for hanging cabinets, paintings, televisions, mirrors and anything else that requires sturdy mounting to wood/metal studs.
  • The StudBuddy is proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Our company supports Hire Heroes USA and the National Breast Cancer Coalition


The StudBuddy is the world's simplest stud finder. Utilizing super-strong magnets, The StudBuddy sticks to the screw or nail heads used in hanging your drywall to wall studs. Simply drag The StudBuddy across your wall and watch as it points you to the stud locations. No batteries are required, and we guarantee our product on all drywall applications. The StudBuddy is perfect for hanging shelves, cabinets, televisions and more! Its ergonomic design and plastic construction feels good in your hand and won’t mar or scratch your walls. Best of all, The StudBuddy is manufactured in the USA and our company supports Hire Heroes USA and the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

10 reviews for The StudBuddy®

  1. jodee751 (verified owner)

    The StudBuddy is such a great product and so easy to use..It works with magnets so no batteries are required..Just run StudBuddy over drywall and when it detects a nail or screw you can feel the magnetic pull and there’s your stud..Studbuddy attaches to metal brackets..nails and screws and works with all drywall but is not intended for use with lath and plaster walls..Studbuddy is lightweight…easy to use and made in the USA…This is a great product and I recommend it.

  2. Lisita (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about The StudBuddy! It is such a simple, easy to use product. Slowly move back and forth over your wall, and when the magnets find nails in a stud, it will stick to the wall. It’s a perfect tool for hanging pictures, shelving, or anything else on the wall. Everyone I know will be getting one of these from me for Christmas!

  3. Ctaylor86 (verified owner)

    I got this a few weeks ago and am very glad that I did. It uses a magnet to find studs in all drywall and also detect nails and screws in wood and metal studs. I think this is the perfect tool to have in any household and would definitely recommend.

  4. Carrie S (verified owner)

    I have used multiple stud finders in the past and have always found it confusing to actually pinpoint where studs are. It seems like they just beep randomly and never seem to beep in the same spot twice. I was a little skeptical of the studbuddy but it was actually incredibly simple to use. When it passes over a stud, it hangs on the wall making it incredibly obvious where to drill. I also found it worked equally well on drywall walls and wood paneling (another difficulty I had with other stud finders). Definitely recommend this.

  5. Kendra7 (verified owner)

    I received the StudBuddy and it came at the most perfect time. My daughter just moved into her new home and needed everything hung up from pictures to bedroom shelves to bathroom vanities. The Studbuddy hangs on the wall handsfree when a stud is located, I loved that it didn’t require batteries or leave marks on her walls. We even got to use it in the Garage to assist in hanging up their bicycles. I highly recommended ever household to have a Studbuddy. I know I will buying a few more for my family members.

  6. Wendylady36 (verified owner)

    The StudBuddy is a great tool to have on hand. I have always been interested in stud finders and how they work but have never purchased one since my dad always had one on hand to lent me. I was excited to learn about the StudBuddy and how it works. This stud finder really is the world’s simplest as it uses a strong magnet to find studs in your drywall. I simply slid the StudBuddy around the wall and when it stuck, I knew I had found a stud. There was no damage done to my walls at all while using this product. I love that you can let go of it and it stays there so you can grab any tools you need to further your project.

  7. Dinger52 (verified owner)

    I received the Stud Buddy just in time for a remodel of our spare bedroom. The Stud Buddy arrived just when we needed to hang shelving and decorative items. This made it easy to locate the areas in which to hang these items.

  8. SPadilla64 (verified owner)

    The easiest stud finder ever. Works great on drywall construction and easily detects nails too. Great tool to have around the house to readily hang all your frames and shelves. The magnetic in studbuddy is strong too. This tool just made my life easier

  9. rhlala (verified owner)

    This tiny little tool works so well!! The size is so perfect it fits in my tool bag so well and does not take up a ton of room like the one I previously used. So easy to use, simply slide along wall and it will magnetically find the stud! Would recommend this as it is so much easier to use that the stud scanning type.

  10. KMath (verified owner)

    The StudBuddy is quite simply the world’s easiest stud finder! This small but powerful magnetic stud Finder works with all drywall construction. You simply place StudBuddy against the wall in a vertical position and slowly scan your wall back and forth in 24 inch sections while gradually moving up and down the wall. When Studbuddy sticks to the wall a nail or screw has been detected in the stud. The stud lies behind the drywall at all points above and below the StudBuddy! The StudBuddy requires no batteries and you can easily hang shelves, televisions, racks, hooks, etc. The StudBuddy can only be used on drywall not on lath or plaster walls is the only downside that I see. The StudBuddy is made in the USA. Another uniqueness of the StudBuddy is you can always find it in your tool chest or anything magnetic so it will not get lost in the bottom of your tool chest like so many other tools, you simply attach it to a magnetic item and voila you will always find this tool when you need it! My StudBuddy has easily become an essential tool for hanging anything heavy requiring a stud. I would recommend this tool to be part of everyone’s tool chest since it is very versatile, small and an invaluable tool.

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